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First of all, i'm new to... well the SBCs, the RockPro64 and these forums. I'll try not to be too much of a pain Wink
Not a pro so keeping things simple, I've decided to run android (the 7.1.2 which can be found on the Rockpro64 help page). Yet, it does not include the google apps which is sad because they appear to be crucial to me since my board will be working along others devices via apps that require google apps. 
I've been tinkering for a while now, trying to install the google play store, but it's past time I give up so here I am. I'm guessing trying to install that from an apk may be quite optimistic.
The situation :
A Rockpro64 that boots just fine from a SD containing the Pine64 recommended android 7.1.2.
Network ok, dispaly ok, sound ok, keyboard/pointing ok. Seems to run fast and smooth. (Except from the parameter's app which crashes from time too time when I switch for too long between apps. But it's rare and not a part of normal use so no big deal.)
I have tried to install the google play store from apk (several ones from APK Mirror). Of course none could open. To be honest, i don't even really know for sure which version to get so I've had to try several. (Might be useful to indicate somewhere the architecture of the device under the form of this kind : armeabi, armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a, ect... Also would be useful to know if all DPI apps can run on the device.)
The Pushbullet app states on launch that it will not work without google apps, specifying that they're not compatible with my device.
Nothing I've tried worked so after a while I've come to the conclusion it would probably be way easier to just install Pushbullet on a Linux so I've installed the Pine64 recommended Ubuntu (the big one), but it never booted. Or if it did (because the white LED was lit) then the screen (HDMI) was just black. No idea why.

So, basically, I'd like some help to either install google apps on the 7.1.2 or get Ubuntu to boot from my SD.
I understand all this must probably sound very noobish, I apologize for that and thanks in advance for any help Smile

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