Home server questions
Hello all,
I need a small server to run on my living room (no space elsewhere), to be quiet and to use it for storage/nas, plex server, kodi, and some gaming if applicable (mame, snes psx etc) while will be connected to my 40" TV.
When I looked on RockPro64 4GB with the NAS case I thought that this is ideal for the job that I want.
So I intent to buy RockPro64 4GB, NAS Case, emmc 64GB, WiFi/Bluetooth Module, heatsinks/fan, PSU EU 5A and connect 2 HDD on it.
But before I buy it I have some questions, and I will appreciate any help:
1) Is v2.1 board available and without any H/W problems as the versions before (resistor removal etc)
2) Does PCIe SATA card works?
3) Which linux distro do you suggest in order to have desktop experience?
4) Based on (3) does it supports HW acceleration for Kodi?
5) Based on (3) can run Plex server (not just stream but transcode)?
6) Based on (3) I would want to install MAME, snes etc emulators. Would a bluetooth gamepad work?
7) Based on (3)  will a bluetooth Air mouse work?
The board will work as a server and NAS mostly but I want to be easy to control it with mouse and play some retro games from time to time.

EDIT: Looking the new ABS case with the graphene heatsink, I was thinking If I could power up a 2.5" HDD 1TB that I have with an external enclosure from the USB3.0 port.
It would take less space in the shelve under my TV.

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