What's up with the Rockchip Open Source Wiki and main site?
Come on chaps. Very funny.
I'm in NL.

This is what I'm seeing on desktop. (Similar on mobile.)

[Image: opensource.rock-chips.com_Screenshot_201...203905.png]

It's just me : https://downforeveryoneorjustme.com/open...-chips.com
When I turn off Wi-Fi on my phone and tablet the site indeed appears. (That's what you get for working from home and being always on Wi-Fi.)

Now I need to find out why I'm blocked when I'm accessing the site on Wi-Fi.
Mumble, mumble. Maybe I said something wrong about Rock Chips. Mumble mumble. Or maybe that beautiful woman the other day was a sister of one of them. Or maybe .......... mumble mumble.

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