PCIe-Bus not initialized, no devices detected
Hey guys,

I bought one of those beauties (v.2.1 2018-06-06) and flashed a micro SD-Card with the latest image of debian stretch minimal (0.7.9).
I had to notice however, that not even the pcie bus is showing up. (The output of lspci is empty, no matter if a card is in the slot or not)

When a card is in the slot, it does not seem to get any power. (No lights turn on, neither do they get warm)
The cards I tested:
- Logilink Dual LAN-Card with two Realtek chips on it http://www.logilink.com/media/datasheets/PC0075.pdf
- Intel Ethernet LAN Card D33025

- Varius graphics cards (wasn't expecting them to work, really)

I tested multiple versions and images. Did not work with either BSP nor mainline kernel.
The last image I tried was (0.7.8) of minimal Ubuntu with Kernel (4.4.132-1072-rockchip-ayufan-ga1d27dba5a2e).
I attached the boot-log (dmesg output) on that one.

Have I forgotten something?
I already crawled through the entire forum of Frank Mankel, unfortunately to no avail.
I read something about setting jumpers for a similar problem somewhere, but for a solution, the post links to an entry on Frank Mankel's deleted blog.  Confused

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