How to handle a Pine64 correctly
I think many of the Backers are not used to handle unprotected highly integrated electronic PCB's without encapsulation. 

There are several issues to consider, but first of all:

Electrostatic protection:
The board and component added to the PCB (Printed circuit Board) can be very sensitive to electrostatic discharges. 
Sources of electrostatic discharges can be YOU or the materials you use together with the Pine 64. 

If the Pine 64 is exposed to electrostatic discharges can the result be a defect Pine 64 - ether immediately or latent - waiting for a moment when it is absolutely not wanted or expected to fail. 

Protect it against electrostatic discharges. The board comes wrapped into a anti electrostatic bag and whenever you handle the board makes sure that you and where you place it have the same electrostatic potential as the Pine 64.

If possible, handle it at a protective work space away from chargeable materials like carpets, nylon, plastic bags etc. 
When you want to remove it from the bag, place it on a protective surface (e.g. on top of the anti static bag).
If you do not have an electrostatic save work desk (I do not suppose you have!) use a table made of non conductive materials ( e.g. wood or glass. Cardboard is also usable) but keep it away from electrostatic chargeable materials like nylon. Also think about what you wear. Prefer cotton, avoid synthetic materials.

Discharge your hand by touching the work area and the Pines anti static back. When removing it from the bas, grab it by one of the metallic connectors and the edges of the PCB. Avoid to touch the electronic circuits. (Both with and without power connected to the board.)

Make sure your pine and your other connected equipment have the same electrical potential. Use the ground / shield connections for this. If possible mount it into a conductive box (isolated from it naturally ) connect the GND or shield to the box. Thereby will you protect against electrostatic discharges but also limit the HF radiation from the Pine a bit.

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