HOW TO - install linux on emmc without etcher or USB adapter
TOP TIP: For those of us stupid enough to corrupt the emmc just enough so it loads a kernel but wont load the rootfs!!
(e.g. install a 4.18 kernel Blush )

The 2 pin jumper next to the emmc module (unlabelled - and between emmc & SPI chip) seems to control whether the emmc is used for booting.

With a good SDcard in to boot and the "corrupt" emmc obviously a standard boot loads the kernel from the emmc and then failed to load the rootfs.

However, by jumpering the 2 pins, powering on, and removing the jumper AFTER the green power LED came on AND BEFORE the white sytem LED came on I got a complete boot from the SDcard and also a kernel initialisation of the emmc card so I could see it as a device  (and repeat my step 6 above).

PS - this obviously worked for me but comes with no warranty other than if you break it you own both parts!
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