RockPro Wireless+Bluetooth Issue - Linux (ayufan 0.7.8 and previous)
(07-25-2018, 04:53 PM)evilbunny Wrote:
(07-25-2018, 08:57 AM)JeffD Wrote: Thanks for the reply! I noticed that in the release notes. I found it by searching with the keyword "wifi", which was mentioned 3 times within his releases. I downgraded to 0.7.7 and even the 0.6.X stable, but still have the issue unfortunately.

I haven't had any luck getting it to work yet either and I've resorted to using the USB one.

So after a ton of digging, a close friend and I were able to find a solution. Here is what we found.

The wireless+bt chip is an AMPAK AP6359SA, but it uses the Broadcom 4359 chipset. After more digging, we found the kernel calling for /system/etc/firmware instead of /etc/firmware which is what the Linux distro uses. After realizing that, we researched the current stable Android release that has working wireless+bt firmware.

The folder for the firmware on the stable Android release referenced /system/etc/firmware, which is what the Linux kernel is using. We archived the file on to a USB from the Android release, then brought back up the Linux release. We moved the files over to the folder structure that the Linux kernel was calling. Once we got everything in order, we reissued the rfkill unblock all command then proceeded to reboot. 

Once rebooted, the wireless module was fully recognized and scanning SSID's. To make it where we didn't have to use a wpa_supplicant file every time(for my wife's usability), I installed WICD. It works pretty well from what we have tested thus far. We still need to validate further.

But there is a good thing coming up soon to make this much easier for all, but some may want it quickly so we will write up a report and put the files out for downloading. However in 4.5+, the chipset will be fully supported out of the box. I just wanted to send an update that it is working and that we are going to put something together just in case anyone wants to leverage it prior to the 4.5 release.

I should have something written up today, but the information here can be used to get the wireless module up and going. I hope this helps others!!

Thanks for being an awesome community and making great boards!  Smile

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