RockPro Wireless+Bluetooth Issue - Linux (ayufan 0.7.8 and previous)
I may be overlooking something very simple. Here is what I have observed so far. I am referencing the image file from ayufan, 0.7.8 LDXE RockPro. I have went all the way down from dev releases to the 0.6.X stable releases, but I have the same results. It's actually worse on older builds, which I expected.

I have two separate units, with two separate RockPro bt+wifi modules that integrate in to the board. I have ran several commands to try to see the issue, but with no success.

The lsusb output does not show the adapter, which is expected since it doesn't use USB.

The "lshw -C network" shows that the adapter is wlan0.

The "rfkill list" shows that the adapter is there, and wireless isn't blocked. However, it shows that Bluetooth is soft blocked so I issued the unblock all command. This fixed the software block, but the wireless still wouldn't work.

iwconfig isnt even available. The "ifconfig wlan0 up" command returns "The operation is not permitted".

To validate that it isn't hardware related, I loaded the other Android builds and they work great with wireless. But those builds are extremely limited functionally and visibly without the tablet.

Sorry if this is a solid noob question, so feel free to cut jokes, lmao. I just tried about everything I could think of. wicd wasn't even an option, but that's likely due to the build not recognizing the adapter fully. 

Any help is appreciated!! Thanks all, especially to ayufan for everything! You are a kind soul, and I'll buy you a beer anytime. ;-)

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RockPro Wireless+Bluetooth Issue - Linux (ayufan 0.7.8 and previous) - by JeffD - 07-24-2018, 09:33 PM

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