ETA for solution for DMA problem for Arch Linux image & A64+ 2 GB boards?
hi all,

i am the owner of a Pine64 A64+ board with 2 GB RAM.

i got three more 64 GB MicroSD cards to load different OS's for the Pine64 and try them out. i went to load the Arch Linux image, but then saw the following warning message on the Pine64 wiki entry on software downloads — 

"This version of image is not suitable for PineA64 with 2GB Memory due to a bug involving DMA data transfer with the gigabit ethernet."

so... is there any ETA on when/how this might be fixed?
is it a firmware fix i'll need to down load and run on the A64+ board?
is it an update to ubuntu i'll need to run?
is it both?

please advise as soon as anyone knows on this. this is kind of a bummer for those of us who spent the extra $ on the larger capacity boards.

thanx in advance.


—  faddah
     portland, oregon, u.s.a.

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ETA for solution for DMA problem for Arch Linux image & A64+ 2 GB boards? - by faddah - 04-12-2016, 04:18 PM

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