Purchase Cart Interface on Quanitity
(07-06-2018, 02:39 PM)eaterofpis Wrote: So it seems people are limited to 5x amount of any particular type of board on each order. Example, one is restricted to only adding 5x Rock64 (2GB). One minor workaround is adding 5x of a different type such as Rock64 (4GB) or 5x Pine64. 

It becomes a problem if those are not the type of board you want or if  you're looking to buy larger quantities of a specific soc. 

I think one can break larger purchase into multiple orders but it can feel like an inconvenience from a shopper pov.

On the flip side, i do understand that there's a flat shipping rate. And for instance, shipping say 50 boards order  under a fixed flat rate $8 as opposed to shipping 5 boards, would not be ideal from a business and cost perspective.

Is there a middle ground to this? Like flat rates when quantity of each type in the cart does not exceed 5, but system cart switches to a variable rate when a quantity type is greater than 5?

You need to contact support@pine64.org to organise larger orders.

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