I cannot see the administrator panel in Control Centre
I am running MATE Desktop Environment 1.16.2 on Rock64. The device was given to me to set up a monitoring display but I am not sure if I have an admin account. I have logged in with the creds rock64 [username] and rock64 [password].

When I go to the Control Centre I only see Hardware, Internet and Network, Look and Feel and Personal under Groups. I saw in screenshots there should be an Administrator panel available. I can only assume the account I am logged in with has limited access.

I have tried booting into GRUB by holding in ESC and then again SHIFT on start up as read on a few posts. Later I read I need to hold down shift on a grey splashscreen which I don't see so I tried the login screen but that didn't work. I've tried various root combinations suggested such as debian debian but none work.

I am not really accustomed to Linux so this is all new to me and this is the first time I've even seen a Pine. 

My goal is to change the power settings so that it never goes into sleep mode but now I also want to get the root account so I at least know what it is.  

Any help will be greatly appreciated. 

Huh Confused

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I cannot see the administrator panel in Control Centre - by alexyia - 07-06-2018, 02:48 AM

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