If you've messed up your eMMC Card - Solved
After some problems with my 0.6.44 install, I decided to go for a fresh installation.

I tried to wipe my 64GB eMMC to carry out a fresh install but whatever I did, it was no longer accessible by Etcher in Win 10 or Linux (Xubuntu 18.04). I tried many things such as deleting partitions in gparted, but gparted could not delete partitions nor set up a new partition table.

Both Win10 and Linux insisted that the eMMC was only 32MB in size, so I was stuck, however I was able to load xenial mate image 0.5.15 onto a SD Card, and use the pin shorting method to get this onto the eMMC card, as described in the wiki article. Pine wiki rock software releases

That ran fine, so I knew that the eMMC card was not faulty, however I also knew that the update would break the OS, which it duly did.

Eventually, out of desperation, I flashed an SD Card with aufan's 0.6.44 image and running that, with the eMMC installed, I managed to do the following on the Rock 64

  1. Through gparted, I deleted the main root partition, the one that was over 50gb in size.
  2. I ran /usr/local/bin/rock64_reset_emmc.sh (sudo ./rock64_reset_emmc.sh) (I took a clue from the wiki - noobs - troubleshooting your device, although the advice was for the Pine64 and was about using /ussr/local/sbin/update_script.sh which was not available for the rock64 - yes I was getting desperate with what appeared to be a dead eMMC card)
I've no idea which of those sorted out the problem, but I was able to reinstall ayufan's
under Win10. Note, Etcher through Linux still insisted that the eMMC card was a 32mb card, but Win10 Etched saw it as a 64gb card with multiple drives.

I'm hoping that this might help someone else who thinks they might have destroyed their eMMC card. I'm assuming that I did some damage to the uboot(?) partition but, really, I have no idea what I did wrong except by trying to wipe everything off the eMMC Card in the first place.

I'm sure someone out there knows a simpler way to restore your eMMC card.

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