Unable to boot from SPI
(07-22-2018, 07:26 AM)tllim Wrote:
(06-29-2018, 06:16 AM)stevefan1999 Wrote: So I had flashed my SPI via SD card method, I waited until the LED goes blinking and turned off the device, and then I flashed my USB 3.0 drive to OMV with Etcher in Windows, and now it isn't booting at all! HDMI has no signal after I started the booting, neither was there any blinkings anymore, I have very limited hardware debugging skill and I simply want to know how to restore access to my Rock64, thank you.

If you thinks is cause by SPI Flash implementation, you can ease SPI Flash using below link:


I'm having the same problem after using the U-boot erase program.  I also waited until the LED started a continuous blinking.  I then turned the machine off and now can't read from the SPI.  I had been using the USB for SSDs and µSD holders.  Now there is no response ... ability to read anything.  The Internet port also appears to be dead.  I have a number of good builds, but the won't boot.

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