Step By Step How To Install Ubuntu Image
I followed your guide, and tried to expand the disk using sudo, I thought it worked.. I think did a sudo on the install mate script, and there was tons of 404 errors, but it seemed to download and install.. however I tried startx and it didn't run.. I can't tell if I was supposed to go to a different directory or what.. also after the mate install, I issued a reboot command, it hung on restart with some errors around devices not being attached or something.. not sure.. could you please detail out the mate install?

I don't mind reimaging the sd card if I need to that only took a few minutes.. So close to having this up and running yet so far.. lol this thing seems way faster then my B+ pi..

thanks for your help by the way!

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RE: Step By Step How To Install Ubuntu Image - by PDXMike - 04-18-2016, 12:39 AM

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