Step By Step How To Install Ubuntu Image
(04-14-2016, 12:19 PM)outkastn8 Wrote:
(04-12-2016, 12:18 PM)damikeh Wrote: Steps to install Ubuntu
I am using a Windows Desktop, so the steps covered here will show that.
Pre-Install setup

  1. Download the latest image from longsleeps folder (
  2. Download Win32Imager (
  3. Have some kind of extraction capabilities (May i suggest 7zip -
  4. Have a Micro SD card (and adapter to enable it to plug into a USB port) ready, at least 8GB (Class 10 if you can)
  5. Have a decent power supply (at least 2a) and shorter cables are better.
Note: Some other images that I’ve tested with (Android and RemixOS) require Phoenix Card to write the image, which isn’t covered here. Please see the other forum/wiki posts.


  1. Extract the image, and Install the Win32Imager somewhere (preferably the same folder!)
  2. Open Win32imager and write the image to the SD card (ensure you have the SD card selected!)
  3. Once the write has completed, MAKE SURE you safely remove the USB drive from the PC – not doing so may harm the write process.
  4. Remove the SD card and put in the Pine64. Ensure you only have the REQUIRED peripherals connected, Keyboard, HDMI, and I would say LAN too, THEN connect the power.
  5. Let the Pine64 boot. When completed, use username: ubuntu and password: ubuntu to login; it’s also worth mentioning that once you see the login screen, you CAN ssh into the pine64 also, if you so prefer.
  6. Once logged in, run the following:  /usr/local/sbin/
    this will resize the / partition to fill the SD card.
  7. Profit!
Congratulations, you should now have a working system.
From here you can install MATE (for a desktop) or carry on in term mode and get using.
I would change the default password asap, and secure it with a ssh key.

If this is helpful to anyone, please let me know. 
I may have a look at doing a video tomorrow if I get time, showing the steps above - if that would be helpful to anyone.


Thanks this at least got me to the point of where I had a terminal. But I have no idea how to load MATE or anything else after that lol NOOBE

Hi outkast, 

No worries, maybe I should add that!

There's a script in the /usr/local/sbin folder called - run that and it will download all the required for the desktop environment.

to run it try /usr/local/sbin/ (you may have to use sudo)

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