Considering buying and question on the PCIe slot
(10-25-2018, 07:52 PM)OwedDavin Wrote: I think the time has come for ARM and chipmakers to use uefi on their chips since the u boot which is used is outdated now and as ARM is moving into laptop market, uefi might be a good use especially in driving pcie devices. With that being said, sbc makers should implement in their products the uefi for the good of its customers. Windows on ARM uses uefi, so as Linux must be.  Big Grin

I was reading this post because of an interest in the pcie situation work the rk3399 SoCs.

I watched a presentation today from last October by some guy from ARM. The presentation was on just that topic. Do a search on "github ebbr arm" and you will find the specification they are leading work on. Good stuff.

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