Rock64 suitable for headless TVHeadend install?
Hi there,

At the moment, I have a big x86 headless server running TVHeadend, that is on 24/7.

The server contains 3HDDs and records via a Digibit R1.

I stream video to a number of Kodi clients (mostly Raspberry Pis) on my network.

It recently dawned on me that the server is only used for about 8 hours a day during the week (maybe 12 hours over the weekend), so it is spending the vast majority just sitting in an idle state, using electricity needlessly.

Furthermore, we only use one of the hard drives about 90% of the time (the one used for recording).

I think it is time to my PVR capabilities to something a little less noisy/thirsty and thought about going down the Raspberry Pi3B+ route.  

However, I was worried that the small amount of RAM and less than Gigabit speed network would cause me problems if I am trying to record/stream multiple HD channels.

I have seen some really good review for the Rock64 (although I know very little about it) and would be really grateful to know whether it would make a good headless TVHeadend server.

A few specific questions:

1. What is the best/fastest way to connect a harddrive?
2. What is the eMMC module socket for?  Can I use this for the OS, rather than the SD slot?


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