What is "Warning Level: 0%" ?
Just find it on top right corner of every post I posted.  Am I warned?  For what?  (I checked couple of other posts, it is not a standard, i.e. not from standard template.)

As I make post only in this channel, so I ask here too.

Did I offend anybody before?  I will apologize personally to him/her.  Please let me know where I did that so that I can know what mistake I made and avoid in future.  Sorry for my poor English first, it is not my mother tongue.

Or, is it because I leaked my frustrating problem solving experience with rock64 when I explained those steps I had struggled before?

Or, is it because I mentioned that I don't have the skill of a developer?


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What is "Warning Level: 0%" ? - by cooker - 06-04-2018, 09:49 PM
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