Raspberry Pi OneNineDesign Case "Mod"

I've bought a quite cheap (2.36 €) version of this case on aliexpress for tinkering, don't know if it's a copy or not, case looks very good and nicely polished.

In order to put a Rock64 into it, some "adjustments" were needed, mostly for the board to fit inside, but also for power and A/V jack which are weirdly shifted a bit on the right when you put the board in front of you.

here [click to show the album] are some pics of the "rough surgery" the case got.

There are still some work to do to get access to switches near the recovery one and make a hole for the IR receiver just in case.

I first use pliers to remove the big plastic part inside, then a modelling knife and a grinding tool to got a smooth finish.

(If you have any trouble accessing the album, please let me know, I upload pics on imgBB and set the permission in order anyone clicking on the link can show it)

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Raspberry Pi OneNineDesign Case "Mod" - by MichaelRock - 06-04-2018, 05:15 AM

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