Flaky USB3 on Bionic ayufan image
I'm running the ayufan bionic 0.6.44 image. I switched over to Rock64 from a libre ROC-RK3328-CC board running xenial because it too had some flaky usb3 support. I mounted a USB hard drive attached to a USB3 hub. From there I will load up to 8 microSD cards, each with video or photos and simlutaneously copy the data to the hard drive. 

My system runs flawlessly on the USB2 port with several different hubs. Once I plug it into the USB3 port, it will copy only a few hundred mb of data and the ports will disappear until i reboot. It is lost to the point that even plugging a mouse into the usb3 port does nothing. The symptoms on the ROC-RK3328 board were similar, but it occurred consistently after copying only a few mb of data. Syslog doesn't spit out anything meaningful from what I've seen. 

Although I haven't touched linux in many years, I wonder if this could be an issue at the driver level?

I was wondering if anyone encountered this problem, and what steps would be useful to narrow it down to finding a resolution


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