Issues with first start, what do the different LED states mean?
Hi all!

I partook in the baseboard + 1 free SOPine offer a few months back but only just got around to having a play around with it.
I've attempted to get the module up and running with the xenial-minimal-sopine-bspkernel-0.7.19-118.img.xz image found here ( I loaded it up on a 64GB SD card through Etcher, but nothing gets registered on the network. I tried enabling emcc_compat=on after a fresh etch.

Basically debugging is rather hard because there is very little information about the default behavior of the baseboard. I've linked a gif of what the board is doing. The (power?) LED's just blink in near enough unison and the orange LEDS (Net Activity?) blink together semi frequently. Nothing lights up on the SOPine board itself.

I'm powering the system up through the barrel jack connector with the PSU sold on the official site. I've confirmed with a voltmeter that the voltage levels are correct.

[Image: UdidCZU]

Can anyone point out what might be happening? And what steps I could take to further debug what might be going on?


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Issues with first start, what do the different LED states mean? - by Botagar - 05-07-2018, 04:14 AM

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