Be fair, Rock64 is perfect for NAS, and that's all.  I have a 1G board running 7x24 since the first week I received it.  Absolutely no complain.

Back to distcc, unless there is a bug somewhere confounding the result, I always need to include CC=distcc in "make -j 9 CC=distcc" to make distcc run and get the /tmp/distcc.log to read.  Could it be the reason why the recipes here avoid this part?

I have tried in /etc/environment
CC="ccache aarch64-linux-gnu-gcc"
CC="ccache arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc"
CC="ccache arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc" (not on recipe, I make it, just in case, no harm to do one more test anyway)
(with their g++ counterpart of course)
What I see on the /tmp/distcc.log is mostly
(dcc_scan_args) gcc's -x handling is complex ; running locally

I had no problem running Gentoo distcc on my PC(vm) to help compile kernel for my eeepc901 years ago.  Doing similar thing here is a nightmare.

I know ayufan has been doing a remarkable job here, otherwise I will not have USB3.0 and gigalan for my NAS.  Thanks ayufan for that.  On the other hand, frankly, his github pages have not help me to solve a single problem in the last 10 weeks.  It only portray a beautiful picture that you can achieve a lot of things with rock64.  I did get some useful tips from this forum.

I hope Rock64 will has an extensively long life cycle so that it's development can has chance to reach a more mature status. Angel

Problem is solved because I give up.  Enable apparmor is the last thing I want to do on my NAS.  Dare not to expect HDMI issues will be resolved soon.

Good Lucks Gentlemen

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