Seems that I should not include CC=distcc in the "make -j9" command because of the /etc/environment.  However, when I run merely "make -j9", things get from bad to worse.  Not a single sign of distcc-in-use is observed on both Rock64 & the distcc helper VM.
- Output of 'top' at VM shows no "distcc".
- The progress on the terminal where I fire "make -j9" shows no distcc activity.
- I added to /etc/environment
I can see /tmp/distcc.log is created but nothing is logged (except the very first line when it is created).

I can see those DISTCC CC CXX variables when I run printenv.  But they are just being ignored by "make".

How can I enforce the /etc/environment to be applied?
Or, what can be stopping it from being used?
Any idea?


/tmp/distcc.log begin to work after a reboot

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