Rockpro64 with sata pcie card and omv
So just some wall power numbers here I have taken with my current PC (Fx-8350, R7 260x, 1x SSD, 8x HDD).

As a baseline, system in idle with all monitors switched off and all harddrives spun down is 90W wall power.
Spinning up the hard drives with staggered spinup adds roughly 20-30W during the spin up and roughly 7W per drive which has spun up (which really does not match what is printed on the hard drives). This is without transferring data though.

My plan is to basically outsource the 8x hard drives from my main computer to a dedicated nas which most of the time will be idle (so good idle power + stager down + maybe wake on lan would be good). So I obviously do not want more energy than my system is consuming at the moment.

While I know that it is always good to have spare room in the energy consumption department, if you run a 500W power supply only consuming 20W most of the time means you are running the power supply in a energy range it s not design to have good efficiency. On the other hand, many low power power supplies do not have good efficiencies to start with. So still really torn what to do.

At the moment, I think the easiest solution would be to have two of these:
That would give me 140W peak but I am not sure how efficient these things actually are...
Alternatively, one could get the smallest be quiet ATX power supply which is like 300Ws and hopefully also has good efficiency at 20W-50W in idle...

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