Nvidia Linux-32bit ARM drivers on Rock64 Pro
(04-19-2018, 03:15 AM)gbajson Wrote: Hi,
has anyone of you tried to run Nvidia drivers for "Linux-32bit ARM" for GeForce cards on Rock64 Pro?

Kind regards,

I just saw the pre-order page on AmeriDroid, after seeing the PCI-E slot the Very first thing that came to my mind was putting a Nvidia card in there. :p
I'm sure most people will use that slot for network or storage adapters, I want to run a video card in it. :p
However the only place that I have seen any reference using Nvidia drivers under a ARM environment is under the Nvidia Tegra and Jetson type environment.
I have one Nvidia Jetson TK1 which I have screwed up several times now and haven't gotten much use out of it, I am waaay more successful with SBC's that have removable
EMMC modules like the Rock64 and the Odroid's, considering that I'm just a enthusiast who reeeally likes tiny SBC computers, and just uses these darn things as tiny desktop computers,
even though I really want a Nvidia TX1 and TX2, their cost and my inability to successfully operate my TK1, I never tried purchasing one of those little monsters.
(Besides several online discussions constantly reminding people that the TX1 and TX2 are NOT designed to be ran like a regular ARM based desktop computer just for playing games)
With that being said... I really don't know how much work has actually been done regarding a Nvidia driver for the common ARM environment that matches the ease of use
that most people are used to on regular Linux 32bit and 64bit desktop environments?
I am confident that there is a Nvidia driver for ARM server and development environments, but I would expect it to be very specific to certain Nvidia chips, like the one embeded in the TX2...
Can somebody correct me on this? Is there a mature Nvidia driver for ARM that will work with most Nvidia cards, like a GTX 980ti or a GTX 1070?

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