Netrunner 18.03 Idolon for the Pinebook
(08-31-2018, 08:19 AM)sez11a Wrote: It's more than just having the latest packages available, but it includes that. Basically, I want to install my OS once, for the life of the machine, and then have it keep itself up to date, without breaking, until I replace the machine. I don't want to go through an "upgrade process," like I did for years (I've been running Linux since 1998), because it rarely works.... 

R U F'n Kidding me??? You're asking all that of a $99 laptop??? I don't have nearly the experience you have, I've never had a "company laptop". I'm broke hobbyist who gets the cheapest possible components. Which is why this project interests me. But I know you're asking an OS for a $99 laptop to outdo "corporate" distros.
I remember the situation around '98; maybe shortly before, that one of my wife's co-workers installed Yggdrasil. No one expected a bunch of volunteers to create bug-free updates, never mind upgrades. Maybe you need to rein in your expectations a bit. I'm not clear why you're looking for rolling vs a type of LTS release. Personally I have no idea how labor intensive setting up a rolling vs biannual upgrade is- but if it was easy, more distros would have done it. Maybe this is a request I'd make of System76's Pop!, but a distro for Pinebook?????

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