Slow SMB transfers when sharing encrypted USB drive - is my CPU the bottleneck?
(03-31-2018, 04:24 PM)oealias Wrote: I'm not 100% of the algorithm bitlocker uses but from the googling i've done, I believe it's 256-bit XTS-AES.  Is there another software I can use for encryption that would have hardware support?  Ideally it would be cross platform too. 

Maybe have a look at Veracrypt - it's cross-platform and since it's the continuation of Truecrypt, there is probably plenty of documentation on how to get it working. 

From the screenshot, it does look like it's CPU intensive (to be expected since it's encrypted), but also not as intensive as I'd expect for it to be throwing the SMB speeds _that_ much... as your load average is still in the 1.x range... but then again SMB isn't that well behaved on linux anyway... so it's probably the issue still.

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