sopine cluster board install
(03-30-2018, 12:25 PM)Smurfbot Wrote: I picked up a sopine clusterboard with a bunch of computing modules. I am curious about how one loads os onto the compute modules. Do I need to get a usb finger drive for each compute module and plug it into the usb slot? Is the usb slot for the cluster usb 2.0 or 3.0?


USB sockets are USB2 - both the standard and microUSB one (although the current v2.2 cluster board has D+/D- reversed on the microUSB socket). To load your OS, 'simplest' way is to write an image to a microSD card for each. I'm sure someone will write a guide at some point outlining how to do fancier things like PXE booting the cluster so only either only the primary module needs to actually have storage (SD and/or eMMC) or from another source. You'll be wanting a Sopine image, and I'm running the current latest (0.7.19) ayufan xenial-minimal image with few issues.

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