Can't burn a microSD! Taht works
If you use Etcher, and it fails to verify, you have a problem - either with the with the card reader/writer or the microSD - and I'd be suggesting the microSD. There's no need to use the SD Formatter, as you are writing the entire disk image, which typically will resize to fill the full card on first boot.

Do you get any activity from the ethernet lights... do they start blinking after being on for say 30-45 seconds (presuming you have a ethernet connection plugged in going to your router/switch/etc)? That's the other 'easy' way to see if it's booting but has no screen output... as it don't do anything until the ethernet drivers are loaded.

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Can't burn a microSD! Taht works - by catsinheat - 03-25-2018, 11:15 PM
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