[Issue] All Rock leds are blinking
(03-24-2018, 05:18 AM)pfeerick Wrote: Also, I'd be curious to know if the 'ticking' is coming from the rock64, or the power supply... if it's the power supply, I hope you don't have a jumper installed on the rock64, because maybe you're shorting the power supply? Not sure what's happening with the leds though... standard behaviour is for the green (power present) led to be on, and the pine and blue lights on all the time (on linux, anyway).

Yes, I absolubly think that the sound coming from the Micro-controller or near it. The power supply is new in fact, I bought it with the rock64... and I have checked that the board haven't any jumper or anything that can be producing a shortcircuit. I have the board  away from all metal material or surface.

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