LCD not functioning with A64-LTS/SOPINE
dkryder:  Yes, I understand that they are development boards and all that.  I was kind of hoping with the SOPINE, though, that all I would have to do is redesign the base board and I would be on my way.  

Luke: I'm using the PSU that was supplied by Pine64.  Looks like it's a 5V 3Amp SMPS unit.  

In further testing I've rigged up a serial interface to monitor the serial port output while the system boots up.  There are a few things in the output that seem concerning.

Here's a small snippet from the display driver initiation:


init_clocks: finish init_clocks.
fdt_get_one_gpio lcd0.lcd_gpio_1 fail
fdt_get_one_gpio lcd0.lcd_gpio_2 fail
fdt_get_one_gpio lcd0.lcd_gpio_3 fail
fdt_get_one_gpio lcd0.lcd_gpio_scl fail
fdt_get_one_gpio lcd0.lcd_gpio_sda fail
pwm_request:pwm number = 1
pwm_request: reg = 0x1f03800.pchip->pwm = 16
reg_busy_offset=0, reg_busy_shift = 0, reg_enable_offset = 0
request pwm success, pwm = 16!
sunxi_pwm_config: reg_shift = 0, reg_width = 4, prescale temp = f, pres=15
PWM _TEST: duty_ns=3906, period_ns=20000, freq=50000, per_scal=0, period_reg=0x1df005e
enable power vcc-hdmi-33, ret=0
drv_disp_init finish
fetch script data boot_disp.auto_hpd fail
disp0 device type(1) enable
enable power vcc-dsi-33, ret=0
disp 0, clk: pll(330000000),clk(330000000),dclk(55000000) dsi_rate(55000000)
    clk real:pll(330000000),clk(330000000),dclk(82500000) dsi_rate(148500000)
mb709 LCD_power_onenable power vcc-mipi, ret=0
mb709 LCD_panel_initFDT ERROR:fdt_get_pin_num:get property handle pinctrl-0 error:<unknown error>
disp_sys_pin_set_state, fdt_set_all_pin, ret=-1
[mb709_mipi] send cmd=0x80
[mb709_mipi] send cmd=0x81
[mb709_mipi] send cmd=0x82
[mb709_mipi] send cmd=0x83
[mb709_mipi] send cmd=0x84
[mb709_mipi] send cmd=0x85
[mb709_mipi] send cmd=0x86
[      3.788]end

It looks like there is something going wrong there.  I'm not quite sure what.

Another interesting thing is that when I boot up without the HDMI plugged in it seems to spend about ten minutes trying to display the boot logo.

Something's not right here, but I presume that others have got this working reliably?  Although, if there is I haven't heard from a single one.

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