LCD not functioning with A64-LTS/SOPINE
poor customer support from the support ticket system and email address has been an issue since day 1. my personal view is they have no staff that responds on a daily basis. at best it's more like weekly and then it is a matter of how many issues are in the que in which case it could run 10 to 14 days. as to the issue you are having it's best just to work through chat with the devs cause next to no one working support would be able to help you as much as they can. from day one the folks who started pine64 have stressed it's mostly community based software and so software issues are left to the community. another thing, most if not all pine64 products are sold as developer boards and if you do not know what that means it is that they are not sold as "finished, fully debugged, and ready for prime time. they are sold as boards that are for the most part could have unknown issues but thought to be mostly operational and that you as a developer can find your way through the issues with the help of the community devs. this is one of the reasons they cost quite a bit less than more finished boards of same hardware.

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