(07-09-2018, 10:43 AM)Sander Wrote: Hi Guys,

I was wondering if some of you already got OpenWRT up and running. I have OpenWRT installed on a microSD, put it in the PINE and plugged in the power. Then i connected my laptop to the LAN port of the PINE and then tried to connect to the web interface using but that didnt work. So I tried to connect to the PINE using Putty and that did work. I found a video on youtube that showed how to enable the web interface with Putty but for that it seems like you need to download a updated package. I tried conneting the PINE to internet on the LAN port but than I cant connect with Putty to configure. So i was hoping you guys can point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance!

Hello Sander,

Nice to know you are experimenting with OpenWRT. If LAN doesn't work do you happen to have the Wireless\Bluetooth module for Pine64?
You can buy this from the online shop. I'm guessing it may work. It works on my Armbian without issues and also on Android.


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