Rock64 Desktop OS for...
Well, I've spent hours through the forum but I can't seem to find posts that would help with my setup. I hope someone can help me by making this thread.

I ordered a Rock64 that may arrive today or tomorrow. Problem is that I still don't know what OS to install! Here are my needs:

1. Needs the desktop. I want to be able to browse the internet on it through VNC. For minor, periodic browsing throught the day.

2. I want it to be able to run Kodi (through HDMI) and play HVEC videos at 1080p. I don't want OpenElec since I can't web browse on that.

3. I despise Android. Please, no Android recommendation.

I am able to do this on a Raspberry Pi 3 but the hardware is so limited and it can't play HVEC videos at all.

I see Debian on the OS list but they're all stretch versions (that means they're beta, right?). Do they take advantage of Mali so I could play said video types I've just mentioned? Should I go for Ayufan's version? What about Xenial Mate?

Who uses a Rock64 for similar purposes? Much appreciated for any input!

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