Bluetooth Pairing Problems
(05-26-2018, 07:00 PM)ab1jx Wrote: My new rock64 is still in China but I'm used to shooting my mouth off and offering useless advice.  Been using Debian about 10 years.  I have 3 Pi 3B's, 2 Zeros, a Pocket Beagle.

Just means we'll have to keep a tight leash on you!  Tongue Big Grin But, yes, IIRC, bluetoothctl is the way to go... I actually think blueman doesn't even work properly or something...

The first problem the OP has is that is a very old image... would have been much better off with the debian jessie images from github and installing the desktop GUI, or installing the ready to roll xenial mate images.

But regardless... Bluetooth and Linux generally seems to be a bit... hit and miss at times... moreso with some of these ARM devices...

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