4K HDR Video
(02-06-2018, 04:33 PM)GeerGuy Wrote: Ideally, I would like to play 4K HDR files with Python on Linux without a GUI.
I prepared and tested HDR pipe MPP+DRM for Rock64 (HDR decoding and display 4k60 but display only 4k30 (eg. not HDR 4k60, but untested tested on new RockChip kernel patches)) - see MPP+DRM tests.
I found and resolved some faults in RockChip MPP and RockChip kernel 4.4. RockChip ignored any requests (see mpp#38 and kernel#61 ...) so I  stopped my development/troubleshooting of HDR pipe and any other RockChip code. MPV/Kodi are probably still blocked (kwiboo#22, kwiboo#24). RockChip marketing still say "4k60 4:4:4" (TMDS 594MHz) but limited in code (TMDS 371MHz, eg. 4k60 yuv420p10le) and true output has limits (TMDS 297MHz) on Rock64 with RockChip 4.4 linux  Sad .
I left this community in Aug 2019 due to PINE64 refusal to produce/deliver ROCK64-1G version 3 after more than one year of changing statuses to "planning", "evaluating", "releasing", "availability", "estimated availability" and finally "no schedule" Angry. ROCK64 is dead platform without any advantage. Buy Raspberry PI 4 !

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