New EMMC module not working
(02-02-2018, 08:49 PM)jsfrederick Wrote: I recently ordered 3 EMMC modules from the Pine64 store.  Two of the modules work fine, but the third does not work.  It is not not recognized by my computer.  I am using the official Pine64 EMMC adapter.

How do I go about getting the defective EMMC card replaced?


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My issue actually seems like it isn't necessarily a bad emmc card, but both usb adapters I ordered from the Pine64 store had seemingly gone bad. I must have gotten lucky in flashing my first emmc. It's quite possible that yours also went bad, jsfrederick. The quality control on them doesn't seem to be too good if two of mine failed, and I've been reading across this forum that it isn't the first time it's happened to anyone.

I ordered this combination which worked without any issue on my first re-attempt with the card I thought was bad:

Just a hint if you do order the above, the emmc card snaps in sticking out/facing away from the emmc adapter module it plugs into.

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