flash image directly to eMMC?
(01-07-2018, 06:55 PM)gmruiz Wrote: Hello,
It´s the first time that I use a eMMC module, and I have one question. I have bought the USB adapter for eMMC module (https://www.pine64.org/?product=usb-adap...mmc-module), and I have tested that is possible to flash images to the USB with the eMMC module. My question is if it's possible to flash an image direcly to the USB and the connect the eMMC module to the ROCK64 to boot, or if it's necesary to do the process with the sdcard and the jumper. if not, what is the reason?

Thank you in advance,
Gregorio Martinez.

You can flash any of ayufan's Linux images directly using the USB ->eMMC adaptor and boot from eMMC. As for android, you can  flash the RAW images using the adaptor.
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