Smart TV -media player with 5.1 Dolby and/or DTS /AC3
Hello. I would like to now if is possible to have on Rock 64 (4gb) 5.1 output in movies (Dolby, DTS or AC3 pass trough) on a regular 5.1  audio system only with RCA inputs (like Creative). I am having in mind two solutions. Install Android on the board and:

1.add the extension   and use an additionally device like this conected with optical cable.
2.use this device and transmit the audio via HDMI and after to the speakers.

Is it feasible? If yes which will be better?

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Smart TV -media player with 5.1 Dolby and/or DTS /AC3 - by robix12 - 01-06-2018, 01:24 PM

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