Donations email?
(04-03-2016, 11:01 AM)dailen Wrote: Just got the kickstarter email about a*holes with no patience. I'll admit I've gotten frustrated with Kickstarters when they're waaaay off schedule. But when I throw down $100+ and its 9 months late with not one promise fulfilled, yeah I get frustrated but I usually just ask for my money back and move on. Hate to see you guys going through this crap and would like to buy you guys a box of Donuts! Not much but wanted to say thanks for putting up with the crap to fulfill your obligations to the non-a*holes.


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Hear, hear!  In terms of kickstarter-dom and the enormous amount of interest the PINE had, I am *amazed* that the crew has done so well at getting everything geared up and in motion.  They deserve donuts and more - they've done incredibly well.  If I was a VC or looking for some kind of startup CEO these guys would be topping the list.  They've done unbelievably well, and the slippage is well within tolerable limits.  Sad that assholes gotta asshole-ate, the PINE crew definitely doesn't deserve it in the slightest.

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