Couple questions about the ayufan releases
Recently performed a dist-upgrade to the newest stretch 0.6.3 release from yesterday and happy to report successful HDMI output  Big Grin I just have two lingering questions... 

1- I started with an earlier ayufan release, and I notice each release is accompanied with downloadable Debian packages on github, such as linux-headers, Linux-firmware, Linux-libc... are all of these included in each release of the stretch image by default and will they be auto updated with the dist-upgrade, or should I be manually downloading and installing these?

2 - Does this build support reading boot settings from a custom /boot/config.txt? It's not there by default, and I'm not sure that the settings I'm putting in that file I created are having any effect, so I wanted to check if they are supposed to be getting applied or if there's somewhere else I should be changing  HDMI settings and other boot configurations. 

Thanks in advance for any replies, and thanks ayufan for the awesome work.

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Couple questions about the ayufan releases - by Mrfixit2001 - 12-20-2017, 08:27 AM

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