For those with PhoenixCard "Error" during Burn
Ok, I did what you suggested and tested the whole SD card using h2testw and it found no error (even though it wrote far more than the Android image contains), so I guess both the card and the reader are fine.

I still encounter the PhoenixCard error though, but it works reliably after using the idea from the "questionable" forum (which is a definition of pretty much any forum, btw). So maybe, please add another non-questionable idea that works and does not contain the words "buy new stuff".
See, I posted this for the simple reason that I was becoming extremely frustrated by the whole process, but found a solution in the steps in my original post. If someone else encounters the same problem (and I know from these forums that people do), and it may help them as well, then it was worth it. I don't know WHY it works, but I have seen stranger behaviour by software (my sound card driver still forces me to set the pc to standby in order for it to save setting changes...).

You said that replugging the sd card might change a speed negotiation? As far as I remember, at any occasion I saw roughly the same read/write speed, but could you elaborate how to check this in the Device Manager?

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