Try Pine64 Without Using Any Display Adapters - Straight HDMI
First off phoenix card is absolute sheet.

Second off thank you for developing this bored. 

Now to the problem, some people haven't been able to get these things to boot for one reason or another. 
Here is what worked for me after trying 4 power supplies, 4 different USB cables, numerous images, sheety phoenix card software, and terrible documentation.

I'm on windows 10

I have the 2GB pine64.

I have a 2.5a 5v power supply, I will try a lower amperage power supply later and update you all
here is the one I have, please do not purchase it until i update you on other power supplies..

you're going to need win32diskimager.

go download the arch linux pine64 image from here
pine64 wiki page:

install the arch linux on your handy dandy micro sd card using win32diskimager, its super simple, it shouldn't cause any errors, knock on wood...

If you have any adapter of any sort going from your HDMI cable to DVI or VGA adapter, whatever, remove it. For some reason that caused problems. Try plugging into something with straight HDMI, try unplugging any peripherals just in case, you can try with whatever you want but for simplicity sake remove them. I personally plugged it into my TV, because my monitor doesn't have HDMI. I did have my wifi adapter plugged in when I booted arch linux. I'm trying to get android to boot right now. Let me know if you have any questions.

Please leave a comment below and let me know if this thread helped you, because this seems to be a common issue and needs some visibility, it was a very frustrating issue for me

Good luck.

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