Warranty, replacement, repair?
I have the same problem with my rock64 board, using their PSU from pine64.org, dc-in led blinks when its plugged in. I don't know what the problem is, I've only ordered 1 board and its was my first board. I have created a ticket and its been 7 days, no response from Pine Support. I msg their twitter account, 5 days ago and was told that it will be brought up to support, but no response as well since then.
I am assuming that my board is just dead.

... so not a very good first impression of the company at the moment.
was planning to get a few but after the first potential dead board with no response from the company, spending close to 60USD, i don't want to take the chance that the next board is also going to be dead as well and having to wait again for x days/weeks.

I dont even know if my first board is warranty-able or not, as its been so long since I first plugged in it.

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