Read battery state
Hello, this is my first Forum post, so correct me if I do anything wrong, anyway:

I've purchased a Rock64, when it's delivered, I want to power it by battery (Power bank), yet I want the read the battery state. My Idea was to connect the Rock64 via USB right to the Power bank (as usual), but an additional cable directly from the 3,6V battery to a GPIO pin and read it using software.

I have no idea about GPIOs, so is it totally wrong, could it maybe bridge the undervoltage protection and therefore bring me into trouble, or can this actually work?

Another idea of mine would be to connect + and - of the 4 status LED's and provide its on/off state to the GPIO and then determine if the battery is at 100-75, 75-50 25-50 or 25-0% charge.

What is the best approach to get battery levels to a Rock64?

Greetings, Max

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