laser engraving the lid and other plans.
(10-24-2017, 02:39 AM)bits_and_wires Wrote:
(10-24-2017, 02:20 AM)Luke Wrote: Looks really good! Which reminds me I intended to add LTE to my Pinebook... but then I got consumed by another project and completely forgot about it.  

As for your question, all schematics for all devices are available in their respective subsections on the wiki. For your convenience here's a direct link 

edit: wiki will soon open up to forum members, if you end up incorporating a FPGA into the PB make sure to create an entry in the Project section.
Yeah having the schematics available is the main reason I got my pinebook. Having the layout also available would probably be too good to be true. I guess I will whip out my calipers and make all the measurements by hand. My main concern is having all the connectors on my custom board line up with the cutouts on the case. As for LTE I would think that just getting a usb dongle and stashing it in the case would do the trick? Layout for a custom LTE RF front end is kinda black magic and that's not a project I would want to tackle. 
BTW nice cabinet!

I, as an enthusiast myself, assembled my devices on stepper motors (RepRap or MakeBlockplotterXY2.0 kit), as it is an exciting complex task of interface of electronics and firmware, guides and stepper motors. Since the laser housing has several holes with a thread, it is universal in terms of fastening to the device. We have already successfully fixed the laser to 3D printers (Wanhao Duplicator i3, BFB3DTouch, Prusa) and DIY-designers (on universal aluminum frames, MakeBlock).
[Image: 87d0df.jpg]
I found that there is a lot of software that you can use to work with lasers? These are programs that convert raster images to vector, and vector ones to gcode. For example, free distributed programs InkScape, SketchUp, GBRLcontroller, Repetierhost, Cura. Also, low-power (~ 500-1000 mW) lasers work very well. For example, here  I found a very good table with the characteristics of various engravers and was pleasantly surprised at both the price and the possibilities. In addition to the standard drawing of drawings on materials, the laser makes it possible to cut the material and create stencils for etching or welding![Image: dbd710.jpg]

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