LCD and HDMI - any GNU/Linux version do this?
Having used the Pine 2.0 Beta 3 tool to place images on microSD cards I can not seem to find one that uses both the HDMI and LCD screen as video output.   (or get me to a login prompt with the LCD ribbon cable plugged in)

The Xenial MATE version as presented by the tool will boot to a Unix login (or looked like it - didn't actually log in) on the HDMI without the LCD cabled in, but with the LCD in AND a monitor plugged in the SOPINE/baseboard model A.  And by not boot I mean it shuts off.

It seems the functionality exists as the Android 6.0.1 (non eMMC) version will allow for the LCD and the HDMI to work at the same time.  (I did not try Android 5 and Android 7 did not allow operation of the LCD)   As the limitation seems to be software, is there a GNU/Linux version which would work with both video output methods?

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LCD and HDMI - any GNU/Linux version do this? - by freebsd - 10-18-2017, 01:22 PM

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