My Pinebook have been arrived, but cannot be charged
I'm glad you got it running.  For the first few battery cycles do not allow the unit to go anywhere near flat ( about twenty percent ).  I typically plug mine in between 5-8 % 

Also, be very careful about power down.  Do not put your unit to sleep and walk away for extended periods of time ( the battery will go flat and it won't charge again until you go through the time consuming restart ) !!

When you shutdown,  make sure the unit is actually OFF.  ... no LEDs lit, and no soft black backlight glow.  If so, press and hold the power button ( 15 seconds ) until the unit is totally OFF.

Keep the battery charged ( 100% ) when its not used, but, don't just leave it plugged in all the time !

Batteries in general love to be cycled.
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