Launching a terminal app from command line
Ok, I have been trying to launch a program from a desktop script file. This failed miserably until I wrote the code:

mate=terminal -- working-directory= .. -e 'manuskript=develop/bin/manuskript'

Double-clicking on the icon for this file on the desktop results in a mate-terminal window. This first window complains:

"The child process exited normally with status 0"

Then application starts with a dialog window that asks for an output option, accepts "Terminal". The dialog then exits and a GUI window opens with the main program. The program outputs status messages to the second terminal window. No problems. But when I exit the program the second mate-terminal now complains of the same "The child process...". Both mate-terminal windows remain up.

Launching the program from a terminal window by hand results in the output option dialog, followed by the program. No "child..." messages in the mate-terminal window. Exiting the program collapses both windows without apparent warnings. Alternately, closing the mate-window kills off the main program. This is the preferred behavior.

So, I would like the behavior of the system when launching from the script to be the same as invoking the program from the command - one terminal and no silly "child..." messages. Am I right in thinking there a property of the desktop launch script that is set wrong?
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