Internal power connector problem
(09-19-2017, 02:34 AM)stealthbanana Wrote: Just in case ... <snip>
 ... and removed the tape covering the cable from the battery to the mainboard. (1) The left hand side of the socket on the board was broken and the connector came away with the tape.   <snip>

 ... (2) the system logs in an ssh session is that the USB system lost power and came back. 

(1)  The connectors in the Pinebook (in fact all such devices of late) are very fragile ( particularly the FPC connectors ).  The battery connector in my Pinebook is also very loose, and without the cloth tapes in place would not remain seated. I have disassembled my Pinebook enough times now that it made sense to purchase a small role of the cloth tape.  Due to an unrelated P&P defect, I've had to have my machine apart and under a microscope several times ( I spare you , its been written-up elsewhere ).

(2)  monitor your logs and provide feedback if the usb power bus drops , now that you have the battery connector issue corrected.
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